Holiday for the heart with Salina

Healthy body,
peaceful mind,
joyful heart.
Experience your natural being.

Why holiday for the heart?


From the first second I heard it, my heart was enchanted.
We were just in the middle of a breathing exercise (pranayama) when our teacher talked about the secret
of extended exhalations. Those are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system,
which has a calming effect on our heart and stomach organs. “… it’s like holiday for the heart!”
I felt my inner happiness blossom, I started smiling & relaxed immediately,
although I was highly concentrated.
I would love to share this feeling with you.


Daily holiday?

You need it, you wish it. It’s often closer than you think and … it’s possible!
No need to be an expert, curiousity is the key.
Flexibility and strength of the body, an attentive mind and all the moments of happiness
just come naturally with the Yogi lifestyle.

I invite you to integrate your holidayfeeling regularly with my online or live Yoga.

And if it’s not for you, you can remember me like a vacation with a smile.

« Happiness, ease and bliss starts between your thoughts,
when you stop thinking and you can just be. »




Salina’s Yoga is a lighthearted and flowing yoga practice that inspires you to feel
and fully experience yourself. She teaches you to lively follow your intuition of moving,
building strength & creating flexibility.

Energy follows your Awareness.
Willing students can awaken new experiences through concentration,
breathing and movement exercises.
With the goal to alleviate pain, to achieve wishes or just to enjoy life.

Are you ready for a stimulating body & mind journey?


Salina is a self-employed yoga & meditation teacher as well as a designer (www.pipsartdesign.eu)
based in Germany. Her love for adventure and knowledge pursuits her into the world.
With her open and charming way of being, she quickly creates new relationships.
This is one of her secrets: to let ideas become reality through the powerful creation of teamwork.
Together with friends, she established the cultural centre „Kultur im Hinterhof“ (www.kultur-im-hinterhof.de)
in Germany. “Everybody has a talent.” and can take it into the community. Yoga & meditation (with Salina),
dance, art, and a lot more is included in the sheduale.
Colourful wall paintings, the setup of a new yoga area and teaching yoga have been part of her creations
while travelling the world. And Salina is always up for new ideas.



Experiences / Certificates

· Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga (Luna Alignment Yoga in Thailand)
· Thai Massage (EYO Thai Massage – Healing in Thailand)
· Kids Yoga (Sibylle Schöppel in Österreich)
· Tantra Yoga (Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal)
· Bachelor of Arts – Communication Design
· Graphic Design

« Explore the beauty of being you
& share it with the world. »