Who am I ?

I am



Joyful curious & brave to explore new things.
I am happy about positive surprises
and love to dive into the sweetness of depths.

My flowers of creativity

Holiday for the Heart

is born into life to inspire people like you, with heart ;), to enjoy every moment
with devotion.
To help you free yourself from invisible suffering / wounds.
To remind you to enjoy your life full of love and to be happy
with what you have & as you are.
Combining meditation, mindset, movement (yoga & more)
as well as the flow of energy, we connect the inner world with the outer universe.
You may explore yourself anew, feel harmony: healthy body, peaceful mind and blissful heart.





MINI MEDI-cin/-tation is one of my creations, it’s an empowering & free inspiration series on YouTube. The joy of adventure & knowledge unites in 1-3 minute videos.




Awaken Hearts

a 21-day online transformation course.

Meditation, Mindset & Movement

are the main components as well as the “happy rituals” to come fully into your harmony. If you want to understand your feelings and their connections better, turn your vulnerabilities into well-being and speak confidently about your feelings,
this could be your course.

« Happiness, ease and bliss starts between your thoughts,
when you stop thinking and you can just be. »



flows into every part of my life, I am full of surprises.
Born in Germany, my desire for freedom has carried me into the world.


Calm waters are deep, aren’t they?


My talent is to combine all the tools who are available in the moment
for a beautiful & meaningful expression of creativity.
I create professional designs, fun-loving earthy art like dreamcatchers,
murals and new oases. Together with friends, we founded a cultural center for health & community in Germany.
Kultur im Hinterhof – Culture in the Backyard.
I love bringing new projects to life in the strength of community.
Here I managed the place & marketing as well as leading the team & daily classes.
Teaching Meditation & Yoga for Kids, Teenager & Adults
in Group Classes and Personal Trainings.
The blossoming with each student to individual growth,
whether without or with support needs,
gives me great pleasure.




I combine
Therapy Alignment Yoga” with “Tantra” & “Kids Yoga”
from my Teacher Trainings + Thai Massage skills so my students can fully embrace, accept and grow into their natural way of being.




For me, everything is vibration, frequency.
If you are in harmony with yourself
life will bring you to the perfect place at exactly the right time.
Just as music can calm or spirit you up, I feel life is full of beautiful melodies.
As if it’s the connection between matter & energy, the visible & invisible.
The beautiful thing is, you can strengthen this like a muscle.
A lot of love, intuition & sensuality flows into my energy work.




· Akashic Records (mit Featherly in Bali)
· Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga (Luna Alignment Yoga in Thailand)
· Thai Massage (EYO Thai Massage – Healing in Thailand)
· Kids Yoga (Sibylle Schöppel in Austria)
· Tantra Yoga (Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal)
· Bachelor of Arts – Communication Design
· Graphic Design

« Have courage and be kind.
For where there is kindness there is goodness,
and where there is goodness there is magic. »


Why Holiday for the Heart?

From the first second I heard it, my heart was enchanted.
We were in the middle of a breathing exercise (pranayama)
when our teacher talked about the secret of extended exhalations,
which are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.
This has a calming effect on our heart and abdominal organs.
“…it is like holiday for the heart!”
My inner happiness rose, I started smiling & relaxed,
although I was highly activated in every single cell and full of consciousness.
This is exactly the feeling I want to share with you.




Daily holiday?

We need it, we wish for it. It is often closer than we think and…
it is possible!
We don’t need to be experts, being curious is enough.
Awareness in our bodies, freedom in our heads, deep trust in our hearts
and all the moments of happiness we wish for, they will be magnetically attracted with a conscious & loving connection to us.
Be patient & have courage:
I invite you,
to activate your holiday feeling with me.

« Explore the beauty of being you
& share it with the world. »


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