FreeBees – How the bees fly from flower to flower,
collecting the gentle gold of the blossoms and bringing it safely to their home,
so I give you a variety of free Meditations, Mini Medis & Yoga.
(T)here where your heart is at home, they give you peace, relaxation, energy
or other beautiful moments of happiness.

« Even after all this time
the sun never says to the earth
„you owe me.“
Look what happens with a love like that,
it lights the whole sky. »


To which island of inspiration is it carrying you now?

Mini Medis

MINI MEDItation/MEDIcine – quick & effectively
inspirations in a rainbow-variaties to fulfill your heart.

It’s worth subscribing to my YouTube Channel and watching the weekly 1-3min videos.
MINI MEDI’s are powerful in a sweet way,
it is like a short holiday trip from your daily life.
Be the hero of your day.

Enjoy MINI MEDIs on Youtube, iTunes or Podbean

Why meditate?

« Sensefulness has to do with dedication,
with creativity, with freedom. »

The secret of freedom is courage. »


for more sensefulness ♥ click here

You are curious to learn more about yourself?
You are asking yourself: “What is my purpose in life?” & “Who am I?”
Do you wish for more clarity & lightness?
Do you want to understand yourself?
Yes. Wonderful! There is a different answer for everyone – whether walking in the forest, doing sports, discovering yoga asanas, blossoming artistically or musically, meditating, …
and yet all activities have something in common, you find peace within yourself,
you can consciously perceive and let go of thoughts and feelings,
relax physically, let a pure feeling of happiness arise & …
So Meditation is a peak performance for your brain, which sometimes is easier and then again it requires
more concentration & discipline. But practice makes you a master of enjoying the way.
Many scientific studies describe how a regular meditation practice can
positively influences our health (brain, heart & body).


Possible Meditation benefits:
♥ Increased memory, concentration, and mental flexibility
♥ more emotional stability and positive thinking
♥ reduced stress & pain perception as well as strong immune system
♥ finer connection in your (sensory) perception
♥ deep calm sleep
♥ inner peace, clarity & sensation of oneness – Nirvana
♥ more self-love, activated heart intelligence

Everything that is in you right now can come into your consciousness awareness,
both sadness, agitation, happiness, love, …
every meditation is like a new journey into the (un)known ♥
Are you ready for that?


Dive deeper into your inner universe of senses.
Detach yourself from thought spirals and
connect with your natural self, be fully in the now.
Give yourself peace, appreciation & love.
Whether activation or relaxation, the meditations vary in time and topic.

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Yoga – Meditation in Movement

If you feel comfortable in your body, embrace yourself as beautiful
from the inside out and every single cell in you vibrates, then you know you are alive!
You are activated and experience the pure life energy, Pranashakti.
Meditation is so much more than just sitting quietly.
Everything in its own time and when the movement calls you,
I invite you to join me experiencing Yoga.

Enjoy YOGA – Meditation in Movement on Youtube

« Why are you shopping for shoes,
when I’ve opened your wings
so you can fly?



For an sensual flying Meditation Date

Make a little ritual out of it,
appreciate the time you take for yourself.
Are you ready to meet yourself for the most unique date ever?

Here are some inspirations:
a protected space, favorite blanket, cozy pillow, candle or inscent,
feel-good clothes, water/tea & notebook for creative ideas.
Create your own unique oasis of tranquility for your meditation time.
And now? Just enjoy. ♥

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