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Individual sessions


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You feel alone, isolated and secluded?


On the outside you keep up your shine, appear self-confident. But inside you are weak, doubtful and yes, you even feel unloved?


You are trapped in your head a lot and miss the gentleness of your heart?


Or are you finally ready to make your dreams come true?


Yes? Then you are in the right place, I am very happy that YOU are here.
I believe that every soul, every being on this planet reflects such an important part of the whole.
We are all so unique that it is time,
to connect with your special path.

Arrive in your heart, allow yourself to understand your emotional world, release old emotional patterns and invite harmony and trust.


Are you ready to connect with your natural beauty
and blossom with love?


Listen to your heartbeat
as you explore my offerings.

« As you start to walk
on the way,
the way appears. »


How do you like to uplift your heart?


Meditation ♥ show more



·· Meditation brings wisdom,
lack of meditation leaves ignorance.
Know well what leads you forward
and what holds you back,
and choose the path that leads to wisdom. ··

… withIN.

Meditation is a journey into your inner universe.

To allow with a smile to look inward, what is really going on inside and to give yourself space to experience silence. Silence where all the sounds & voices are coming from.
In the silence lies the power. If you are ready not only to calm your nervous system, to let go of everyday life for simple be, change can happen. Give permission to open for something completely new, to expand your horizons & activate your inner power. You are in the right place. In the gentle & so lovingly guided meditations it is all about your uniqueness.
What is your individual topic/problem point now? Where do you need support to come into your alignment?

Possible elements of your very individual Medi

Pranayama – Prana “life energy” + Ayama “expansion, control”,
the control/control of your breath and thus your life energy
Chakra Meditation – Chakra “wheel/circle” are concentrated energy points in our bodies.
Crown Chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara), Eye Chakra (Ajna), Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), Heart Chakra (Anahata),
Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana) & Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Mantra Meditation “That which protects the one who has received it” – Mantra means “saying/song” – with own sound vibrations)
5 Elements Meditation Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Space/Akasha
♥ Meditative Embodiment
♥ Feminine & Masculine Energy Fusion
♥ Manifestation of your desires/dreams – Law of Attraction
♥ Attracting your soulmate/twinflame

♥ Falling Asleep & Remembering your dreams
Favorite topics inner child, dream realization, releasing stress or fears, connections, understanding relationships, phantasy journey, …

Heartmedley Healing

Heartmedley Healing ♥ show more

How are you? “Fine!”
Yes, ok wonderful, then you don’t need to read any further. But if you’re more “I’m in a turnado!” or “I’m surfing the wave!” inside, welcome.
On the surface everything seems smooth, but deep inside you sense there is something. It wants to be seen, it keeps you awake at night, your body is reacting and you feel it’s time to face your fears, your feelings and what you have the most respect of?
Do you wish to have that courage?
Do you risk to change yourself?

YES for sure, Heartmedley Healing has the potential to get to the root.

You may gently get to know and trust yourself with your heart’s desires. Listen deeply, overcome shame, anxiety and darknesses and learn to express your feelings. Learn the language of your heart & blossom in love.


Possible elements of your individual Heartmedley Healing
meditation techniques (see under meditations)
breathing & awareness exercises
positive affirmations
rituals (dates with you for more appreciation & self-love)
individual exercises (self-love, mirror exercise, energize water, nature, … everything that connects you with yourself)
intuitive presence for you

Intuitive Card Reading

Intuitive Card Reading ♥ show more

The whole life consists of symbols, mystery, wonderful synchronicities to be at the right place at the right time, to use telepahtic abilities & connect … Is everything a coincidence?
Does the coincidence exist? Or does fate, a higher whiteness or connection to nature determine the most authentic & breathgiving moments?


I believe that everything is in connection.
The cards are the key to your subconscious.


Everything is already there, but sometimes you are too focused on the question, too much in your head or just stuck where you are. The cards are a playful alternative to turn the key in the lock and open the door to more clarity. Bring more lightness back into your life and make the invisible visible.

Whether you have specific questions or simply want to gain more clarity about your current situation, open yourself to your higher self.

What questions do you want to find answers to?
It’s best not to ask yes/no questions, better: How is my project developing? What kind of energy does this relationship bring? … ?


My approach is very playful and full of intuitive lightness.
In an intuitive card channeling it can be one card that is strong enough for you. But it can also be several or the connection of different decks to get more clarity in your diversity.
Another type of reflection I have developed is a card constellation (similar to a family constellation). With people, life decisions or other topics or feelings you want.


Important to know
The reading is for you, if you have questions about relationships, we can feel into your connection, but not into the other person.
Since every person on the outside reflects something on the inside of you, we stay with you and the outside will follow. It’s all about your oneness.


Which card decks do I use?
My decks are either German or English, you can choose yourself or we decide together:
♥ Energy Healing Deck (Natasha Betita)
♥ Das schamanische Seelenorakel – The Shamanic Soul Oracle (Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos)
♥ Goddess Power Oracle (Colette Baron-Reid)
♥ The Spirit Animal Oracle (Colette Baron-Reid)
♥ MTG – Magic the Gathering
♥ Lenormand Cards (Marie Anne Lenormand)

You have your own deck, a symbol or other material thing you want to bring in?
Yes, wonderful, have it handy when we start our session. Everything of you is anyway in deep connection with you and I like to help you from the outside to understand the connections better or to see things in a new way.


What it’s not…
a classical card reading! I lay the cards with intuitive creativity and sensitivity.
I do not make decisions for you, but serve you as a source of inspiration / guide, so that you connect with your inner wisdom and gain more clarity. All the answers are within you.
All responsibility of your being remains with you, you are the queen / the king of your own queendom / kingdom.

Dream Realizer

Dream Realizer ♥ show more

In the Native American culture, night is reality and day is an illusion. Dreamcatchers are talismans, lucky charms, they accompany you through your dream worlds.
Remember, which dreams are worth realizing them?


“All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them.”
Walt Disney


Like the spider spins its web, you too may expand your horizon, better connect with your subconscious, your darkness and bring light into it.
Which dreams do you want to realize?
How can you give yourself & the world more harmony?


Everything starts inside of you.


If you know nightmares & sleep problems well, a dream catcher is not only a beautiful & meaningful accessory but can work wonders in your energetical field.


Which materials are needed?
The choice of materials and colors is up to you.
Recycled jewelry / beads as well as newly purchased, everything you have and brings you joy is welcomed.
♥ Circular stable base (branches, metal ring, bicycle spokes, …)
♥ Superglue & scissors
♥ Macramé cord
♥ various beads with holes: beads (wood, glass, metal…), favorite crystals (moonstone, amethyst, opal,…), any jewelry elements, …
♥ Feathers or puffs
♥ incense sticks or elements for incense burning
* any element to which you feel a deeper connection is wonderful & welcome. e.g. a feather you found yourself has more power than if you take a purchased one.


Elements of your individual dream realizer session

Meditation (consciously connecting with your desires & dreams)
Loving creation of your dream realizer
Cleaning and activating of your dream realizer

*Sessions only live possible!


Find inspiration here holidayfortheheart.com/en/creativity

Counscious Movement

Conscious Movement ♥ show more

My Yoga is a lighthearted flowing yoga practice to increase loving awareness.
Let yourself be inspired to feel and rediscover yourself anew.
Playful elements from Kids Yoga combined with Therapy Alignment Yoga (anatomy, energy & structure of the body) and complemented with Tantra Yoga. The western structure kisses the eastern spiritual senses. Happy Rituals, Mantras, Pranayama & Asanas: it all flows and acomplishes each other.
I encourage you to follow your intuition how to move, building strength & allowing flexibility. You are the master of your body, I am there to remind you to dive back into the connection with yourself.

Energy follows your awareness.

Ready students can playfully awaken themselves through concentration, breathing & movement exercises.
Learning a way to accept or even release pain or to achieve specific desires.

Are you ready for your stimulating sensory journey?


Possible elements of your individual movement session – yoga
Meditation techniques (see under meditations)
breathing exercises (pranayama)
flowing movements
Mindfulness-increasing exercises
guided as well as free movements (shaking, dancing)
individual favorite topics (self-love, pain relief, boosting self-confidence, building confidence, expressing feelings, feeling success in your body, inviting calm & relaxation, … )


Are you ready for your activating sensory journey?

Maya Reading

Maya Reading ♥ show more

Mayan Calendar Reading originated in the Aztec Empire in Mexico.
The Mayan calendar was used to measure time and celebrate ceremonies, rituals and festivals.
It is composed of
20 Nahuales, the archetypes, the power symbols
& 13 Trecena, the “waves”,
they are like frequencies and tones. So each day has its own vibration, its own composition of 1 Nahual with 1 Trecena. There is deep knowledge in the cycle, which we bring into connection with your birthday.


The reading flows full of intuitive softness and you receive the following:
your birth Kin: Nahuales & Trecena, it shows you your Conscious Self – who you are and who you can be
♥ Higher Self, your guiding force
♥ Subconscious Self and hidden helpers
♥ Challenging energies or gifts 😉
♥ Complimentary energies – resonating things that you take for granted
+♥ the opportunity for a reading, how the energy is between you and a person of your choice


“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”
Quote from Africa

Creativity Flow

Creativity & Freedom ♥ show more

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein


I invite you to let your head sink into your heart. We center together and then you are invited to just be, to feel the present now and let your body express through colours what is inside of you.
Let creativity and your inner child be free.

Different techniques such as blind painting, changing hands, structured & conscious design (with ruler, compass, …) and the meditative flow of playful creation are melting into each other.
You can use your favorite material to create your own unique mandala full of ease in color & shape choice. It is like your inner current state gets an expression of freedom.


Which materials are needed?
The choice is entirely up to you. Depending on how you feel, I recommend re-selecting your favorite elements.
♥ Paper, canvas, fabric, …
♥ watercolors, acrylic, ink, markers, chalk or charcoal pencils, …
♥ cute extras: dried flowers, glitter, feathers, …


Elements of your individual Creativity Creation Session
Meditation (consciously connecting with your feelings)
Authentic expression of your inner world to create your mandala
Activation of your mandala


Find inspiration here holidayfortheheart.com/en/creativity

« Wherever you are,
and whatever you do,
be in love. »


Online Private Healing Session

Unique LIVE SESSIONS for your ♥

  • 1h Session

    130 € / 130 USD
  • 3 x 1h Sessions

    ( -30€ / 7,7% Discount )

    360 € / 360 USD
  • 6 x 1h Sessions

    ( -80€ / 10% Discount )

    700 € / 700 USD


  • 1 x Recorded Session

    ~30min recording + Picture of your Cards

    70 € / 90 USD
  • 3 x Recorded Session

    ~30min recording + Picture of your Cards ( -20€ / 9% Discount )

    190 € / 220 USD
  • monthly 1 x Recorded Session

    payment until the 3rd of the beginning of a month + sending me your questions / topics once you know them

    50 € / 70 USD
* Couple/Best friend/Family-Offer *


Happiness is only real when you share it and since together we can move far more within us,
than we can imagine in our best dreams, I offer you this extraordinary offer:

Share your session with your best friend or partner!

♥ Dates take place together

You really wanna book a 1on1 session, but your financial circumstances are very limited?
Please feel free to contact me directly for a creative solution.

Session Overview

Neugierig schon mehr zu erfahren? ♥ mehr anzeigen

My intention
is to inspire you to fall in love with yourself every second anew.
Yes, as if you are getting to know yourself for the first time, connecting deeply with yourself full of curiosity, feeling your heart beating, refining your body awareness and feeling the love within you.


Connect with yourself, what is in your mind right now?
What fulfills you, what depresses you? Where would you like to get more clarity and understanding? What pain or thought spiral do you want to dissolve?
Are there specific questions or rather a feeling you wanna work on?
Feel free to write down thoughts, questions, favorite topics …
and we will start with them.
Be curious and brave to really communicate and ask what is burning inside you. Maybe you don’t know how to express yourself, formulate it or have a lump in your throat, that’s exactly when it’s most important to express it. Be brave, trust and open up as far as it feels right for you at that moment.


Healing Activation Session
Each session is very special as we go into healing together, into our connection. We open the space together at the beginning (& close it at the end) and see the depths to which it takes us.
Yes, each Healing Session is very special and has its own charm. From easy flowing sessions with softly activating vibrations to deep emotional processes, you open as far as it feels right for you and I hold the space, lovingly being there for you.


Included elements
They vary according to your wishes / needs, focus is on one of your chosen elements:
♥ Meditation
♥ Individual exercises – rituals, dates with you (appreciation, self-love, mirror exercise, water, nature, mind-setting, anything that connects you to you).
♥ Conscious movement (yoga, dance)
♥ Heartmedley (accepting feelings)
♥ Intuitive Card Reading
♥ Intuitive Maya Reading
♥ Dream Realizer
♥ Strengthening Creativity with Painting


Is among the most important of & after everything. Whether emotional, mental or physical sessions, everything is always in connection with each other. In which Kosha (body level) we have activated something, or a deeper process was set in motion, it can affect each others.
My tip: After our time together, take at least 10 min to meditate or 30 min to just be and ‘daydream’. Feel free to journal or use the new insights to express them creatively in your own way: painting, playing an instrument, writing a poem, cooking, embodiment movements (dancing), …
The faster you go into integration directly after an energy work, the deeper you will integrate it and let it flow into your perfection.

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