For relaxation at the touch of a button …

make yourself comfortable and take some time for a little trip inside. Are you ready?

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You have a favorite wish for a new meditation?

Mini Medis

Mini Medis are powerful in a sweet way, it is like a short holiday trip from your daily life.
Be the hero of your day.

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Enjoy Meditations on Youtube
You have a favorite wish for a new meditation?

Why meditate?

“Meaningfulness has to do with devotion, with creativity, with freedom. ”
& “The secret of freedom is courage.” Perikles


Yes & what is your purpose?
How do you connect to yourself?
How do you handle difficult life tasks?
There is a different answer for everyone – some are walking in the woods, some are doing sports,
some discover yoga asanas and others blossom artistically or musically or they just meditate …
and yet all activities have something in common: you find your inner peace,
you can consciously perceive and release thoughts and feelings,
relax physically, create a pure feeling of happiness & …
So meditation is a peak performance for your brain, sometimes it may be easier
and then again it requires more concentration & discipline. But practice makes you a master.

Many scientific studies see a positive connection between regular meditation practices
and your health (brain & body). Following some skills:


· Enhancement of memory, concentration and mental flexibility
· More emotional stability and positive thinking
· More pleasant feeling of stress
· Finer awareness and patience
· Better intuition and body awareness
· Slows down the aging process
· Deep and quiet sleep
· Reduced sensation of pain
· Reduced migraine attacks
· Blood pressure drops, cholesterol level drops
· Strengthens the immune system

My Tip

Make it a little ritual, appreciate the time you take for yourself.
Make yourself comfortable in a sheltered room.
You may like to cover yourself, whether you are seated or lying down.
If you want, light a candle or fragrance sticks.
Make sure you are undisturbed.
And most importantly: let yourself in for it completely.