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a sanctuary of healing

Embark on a subtle yet profound journey into softness
and loving frequencies, embracing the art of remembrance.

Unwind, realign, and replenish from within. Experience love and intimacy through dance and water, connecting deeply with your inner essence.
Delve into the transformative realm of dance, merging expression and unity, as water channels consciousness to reshape your inner world.
 Enrich your odyssey with the sacred energies of Blue Lotus/Blue Lily or Cacao, sourced from nature’s essence, empowering your spirit with heightened frequencies and vitality.

The impacts are manifold: Discover gentleness, expand your horizons, and cultivate trust in a safe and nurturing environment. Explore the depths of your true nature, uncover interconnectedness, and dissolve personal barriers with exercises applicable in your daily life and relationships. Renew your self-love, activate your light body, and tap into your innate sensuality, aligning your inner alchemy with creativity and purpose.

Join us in this immersive journey of self-discovery and transformative togetherness.
Let Remembrance guide you to the depths of your being,
where healing and connection await.

Diversity of Elements

· Embodied Movement through Dance
· Practices of Self-Love and Enjoyment
· Water activation
· Ceremonies with Blue Lotus and/or Cacao Alchemy
· Connection to Nature and Your Natural Essence
· Guided Meditations
· Exploration of Creativity and Interconnectivity
· Somatic Fragmentation and Inner Child Healing
· Feminine Wisdom for Womb Healing
· Reconnection and Embodiment of Your Feminine Nature
· Vocal Expression for empowerment
· Orgasmic Sensuality and Life Force Energy
· Closeness and Touch
· Intimacy Dance
· Massages
· Oracle Cards
· the Magic of Scent and beyond


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Immerse yourself in transformative healing with Remembrance,
for women, men, and mixed groups.
From workshops to multi-day retreats, experience profound transformation and connection. Your experience will be customized according to your desires, also for individuals or couples.

Session exchange

Rememberance Workshop
with selected elements in a compact workshop
333€ / $366 / 5.7mil IDR for 2h
111€ / $122 / 1.9mil IDR for each additional hour


Rememberance 1-day or multi-day Retreat


Rememberance 1 on 1 Sessions
222€ / $244 / 3.9mil IDR for 1,5-2h
888€ / $966 / 15mil IDR for 1 day (5-6h)


Rememberance for Couples
444€ / 488$/ 7.7mil IDR for 2-2,5h


Special requests and ideas are very welcome
and I am happy to create an extraordinary experience for you.

via Whatsapp or Telegram


message me now +4917657664009


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