helped me reconnect with my own heart

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helped me reconnect with my own heart

I highly recommend Salina’s Holiday for the Heart online course.

After completing the lessons, you’ll have the knowledge and easy-to-remember tools to help you give your heart it’s much needed holiday—anytime you need it.

The meditations helped me reconnect with my own heart, and in doing so, I was able to release some pent up energy in new, healthy ways.

The free one-on-one sessions she includes with her course were refreshing and delightful, and she takes the time to connect with you and work with any trouble you’re having with the class.

Her contagious laughter and her big, bright smiles help set the tone for the whole course, as you’ll quickly see just how loving, positive, and inspiring she is and how it radiates throughout her lessons.

With her warm heart and loving spirit, she teaches you exactly how to let love inspire you towards happiness and emotional freedom.

I can’t wait to see what Salina will create next—I’m looking forward to it!

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