I realized how unique and perfect I am

I realized how unique and perfect I am

I took the mind opening course “Awaken Hearts” by Salina a couple of weeks ago. This is an amazing, easy to follow class, where you learn quite a bit about yourself. The exercises are fun, and short enough to fit in a busy schedule, and you are able to learn a lot about yourself. The movies are very well done, and you get inspired to see yourself in a very positive way.
The first week concentrated on my body, and I realized how unique and perfect I am. I really enjoyed to massage by face, hands, feet, something that I always took for granted.
The second week focused on my head/mind, and I enjoyed the different kinds of breathing techniques Salina showed me, and which I am now often practice when I want to relax. In the second week I realized that I can change my thinking from a negative to a positive attitude, and that I believe in myself!
The third week was focused on the heart, and it brought out that I can love myself for the person I am. I try to accept myself for whom I am! I am ok, and I am thankful for all I have in life.
One of the highlights were the weekly Zoom calls, where we were able to talk about our exercises. I highly recommend this class.

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