Wanna be charming & confidently happy expressing your feelings?

Get tools & inspirations I use to transform every day into the most charming and enjoyable time
– even when you started with the ‘wrong’ foot!

Just imagine…

… being in your normal environment, a similar situation which a few weeks before would make you feel insecure, but this time you just know what to do.
You stay calm inside, with ease and confident you smile inside and you feel your power and you decide what you wanna do, how you wanna be and you make the step forward…

That’s what happened in me.

Overwhelmed of emotions? Been there. No daily structure and lost in unconscious? Been there, too. I created my first teachings in 2017, and I’ve been helping others harmonizing theirselves ever since.
Today, I know how to embrace every moment with love
& transform confusion into beauty.

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3.. 2.. 1..

Have you been “on the verge of” piloting yourself out
of an emotional down
or “about to” be brave to talk about your feelings for far too long?

I’ve been there. And let me tell you…
Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed! Are you curious?
Let’s sneak into the secret…

The success of a healthy body, peaceful mind & blissful heart
is not individual; it’s natural!
Either you are stucked in your emotions and thoughtspirals
or you know how to master your emotions and mind.
Yes, it’s that simple!

That’s how I went from situations of overwhelming emotions
to situations where I am aware before they are coming
to situations of freedom to decide how I wanna express my feelings and so on …

The magic of transformation can be learnd like science.
From inner suffering, clumsy movements and unconsciousness into inner strength, confidently trust and conscious bliss.

« Sometimes we are more attached to the journey
than we are to the discovery.
Because the journey happens in the mind.
The discovery happens in the heart. »


21 days Online Transformation course


Awaken Hearts


« Meditation ♥ Mindset ♥ Movement »

Achieve your dreams!

Gain a clarity in your focused awareness of meditating,
experience yourself through movement and connection to your breath
& fully embrace every moment with love.

Strengthen your body, inspire your spirit + let your soul shine.

Do you want my individual support?
You need someone who listens to you & is there for you?
You are looking for inspirations and techniques to be blissful now?
or are you curious about an intuitive card reading?


Individual Healing Activation


« Meditation ♥ Mandala Creation ♥ Movements ♥ & more »

7 Days Chakra Online Course


Awaken your full Potential


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exciting and new

This course was so beneficial. It really helped me to step back into a daily practice. The combination or different techniques everyday kept it exciting and new. I really gained so much new knowledge and also was able to release at points. The enthusiasm from Sali was infectious and would definitely do it again. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Namaste

Sarah Chesnais
Human ... Healing profession

I realized how unique and perfect I am

I took the mind opening course “Awaken Hearts” by Salina a couple of weeks ago. This is an amazing, easy to follow class, where you learn quite a bit about yourself. The exercises are fun, and short enough to fit in a busy schedule, and you are able to learn a lot about yourself. The movies are very well done, and you get inspired to see yourself in a very positive way. The first week concentrated on my body, and I realized how unique and perfect I am. I really enjoyed to massage by face, hands, feet, something that I always took for granted. The second week focused on my head/mind, and I enjoyed the different kinds of breathing techniques Salina showed me, and which I am now often practice when I want to relax. In the second week I realized that I can change my thinking from a negative to a positive attitude, and that I believe in myself! The third week was focused on the heart, and it brought out that I can love myself for the person I am. I try to accept myself for whom I am! I am ok, and I am thankful for all I have in life. One of the highlights were the weekly Zoom calls, where we were able to talk about our exercises. I highly recommend this class.

loving Mama
Testimonials Joey

helped me reconnect with my own heart

I highly recommend Salina’s Holiday for the Heart online course. After completing the lessons, you’ll have the knowledge and easy-to-remember tools to help you give your heart it’s much needed holiday—anytime you need it. The meditations helped me reconnect with my own heart, and in doing so, I was able to release some pent up energy in new, healthy ways. The free one-on-one sessions she includes with her course were refreshing and delightful, and she takes the time to connect with you and work with any trouble you’re having with the class. Her contagious laughter and her big, bright smiles help set the tone for the whole course, as you’ll quickly see just how loving, positive, and inspiring she is and how it radiates throughout her lessons. With her warm heart and loving spirit, she teaches you exactly how to let love inspire you towards happiness and emotional freedom. I can’t wait to see what Salina will create next—I’m looking forward to it!

Spiritual Mentor / Joseph's Homepage
Testimonials Natasha square

amazing how powerful it was

Goodmorning love! Thank you for the beautiful experience of being on this course. I am still working on the heart space meditation. It’s very powerful and I want to feel ready to move into bliss. ☺️☺️ It’s amazing how powerful it was to participate in this 21 day course online. The daily practices and meditations have been so inspiring. For someone who has difficulty commiting my time this course has given me structure and balance while not even taking up more than 30 minutes of my day! There is a genuine soulfulness and conscious intention weaved into this course, and all in all it has been a magical experience. It has helped with the healing and transformation I needed especially during these turbulent times. Salina held a safe and magical space that radiated even throughout this distance learning, and I am just so grateful to have been a part of it.

Yoga Teacher & Creator of the 'Healing Energy Deck' / @natasha_betita

Let our connection blossoming!

« It’s the friends we meet
along life’s road
who help us
appreciate the journey. »

unknown author

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