Wanna be authentic & happy?

Get tools & inspirations I use to transform every day into the most charming and enjoyable time
– even when you started with the ‘wrong’ foot!

Just imagine…

… being in your normal environment, a similar situation which a few weeks before would make you feel insecure, but this time you just know what to do.
You stay calm inside, with ease and confident you smile inside and you feel your power and you decide what you wanna do, how you wanna be and you make the step forward…

That’s what happened in me.

Overwhelmed of emotions? Been there. No daily structure and lost in unconscious? Been there, too. I created my first teachings in 2017, and I’ve been helping others harmonizing theirselves ever since.
Today, I know how to embrace every moment with love
& transform confusion into beauty.

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3.. 2.. 1..

Have you been “on the verge of” piloting yourself out
of an emotional down
or “about to” be brave to talk about your feelings for far too long?

I’ve been there. And let me tell you…
Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed! Are you curious?
Let’s sneak into the secret…

The success of a healthy body, peaceful mind & blissful heart
is not individual; it’s natural!
Either you are stucked in your emotions and thoughtspirals
or you know how to master your emotions and mind.
Yes, it’s that simple!

That’s how I went from situations of overwhelming emotions
to situations where I am aware before they are coming
to situations of freedom to decide how I wanna express my feelings and so on …

The magic of transformation can be learnd like science.
From inner suffering, clumsy movements and unconsciousness into inner strength, confidently trust and conscious bliss.

1. Awareness

Breath & Mindfulness
exercises to connect
with your inner body and
raise your awarness.

2. Acceptance

Learn how to be patient
with arising feelings, how to trust
your intuition and feel self-love
in less then 5 min.

3. Accomplish

Integrate the simple steps to
guarantee your daily openess to attract
more wonders, more happiness, more love,
… and all the beauty you want.

If you were a butterfly
would you fly where you like it the best?
It’s time to REALIZE your dreams!



✨ Hey ✨

I’m Salina and I founded Holiday for the Heart
to inspire heart-wanderers to breathe every moment full of devotion.
To help people get relief from unseen suffering/wounds so they can emotionally grow and embrace self-love in the most challenging times by using Yoga & Meditation techniques to live their full potential by achieving a healthy body, peaceful mind and a blissful heart.
I revived MINI MEDI’s – Mini Medi-cine /-tation is a powerful free inspiration series.


I’m the creator of « Awaken Hearts » , an 21 day intensive online course
that helps people create Happy Rituals (structure), face their feelings, transform vulnerability into well-being and be truly confidently.


Creativity flows into every part of my life, I am full of surprises,
designing professional designs as well as earthy art like dreamcatchers and creating new oases. Together with friends, we founded a cultural centre for health & community in Germany where I managed the place & marketing as well as leading the team & classes.
Teaching Meditation & Yoga for Kids, Teenager & Adults in Group Classes and Personal Trainings, I blossom with every student into individual growth, handicapped or ‚normal‘.


I connect Therapy Alignment Yoga with Tantra & Kids Yoga
from my Teacher Trainings + Thai Massage Skills so my students can fully embrace and grow into their natural way of being.


Awaken Hearts

21 Days Online Course

Achieve your dreams!

Gain a clarity in your focused awareness of meditating,
experience yourself through movement and connection to your breath
& fully embrace every moment with love.

Strengthen your body, inspire your spirit + let your soul shine.

Want to book me 1 : 1 ?

Do you want my support
… cause you need someone to talk/listen right now?
… to receive tools and inspirations to be happy right away?
or just curious to get an intuitive card reading?

Let’s blossom together

with connecting to each other we are powerful!

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