Awaken your full Potential

♥-welcome to my 7 days online course
embody your journey through the 7 Chakras

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Are you curious to get to know yourself in a new way,
to experience more subtlety & awareness?


Do you wish to feel your inner energy centers,
your chakras, to activate them & to use them lovingly?


Do you want to bring yourself in harmony with your body & soul,
but don’t know where to start?



Beautiful, then you are at the right place. Welcome my .

It is my heart’s desire to give you all the tools for your growth & inspirational process of a blissful life. Free yourself from laziness, ignorance & disharmony,
it’s time to get to know you into depth. Completely accepting yourself, lovingly feeling what is already inside you. Bring awareness into your body, feel your energy and connect with your intuitive power source.

In this online course you have the chance to get to know your chakras in a unique way. It is a combination with activating movements and loving attentiveness.
With meditations, breathing techniques and conscious movements: Yoga.
For a holistic and sensory oriented course.


It’s time
that you reclaim your natural powers,
to blossom in your being.

You risk a transformation

♥ by entering the course you already come out of your comfort zone


♥ Discomfort & disharmony transformed into deep connection with your body


♥ Fine sense of your perceptions, high loving awareness


♥ Blissful


♥ Allow yourself inner spaciousness, open a space of conscious sensations


Experience yourself in a new way… ♥
6 hours 6 minutes 6 seconds 😉
We laugh, sweat and dive into the depths to breathe in again at the top
of the next wave and start fully charged into your day.

« How does one become a butterfly?
You have to want to learn to fly so much
that you are willing to give up
being a catapillar. »

Trina Paulus

7 Days – 7 Chakras at a glance ♥

Samsara / Sahasrara


« Crown Chakra »


Day 7 Manifesting to Blossom

Visualization, planting intentions, manifestation of your dreams and goals, meditative movements

Conscious Awareness in
Spine, head

meditative flow: your breath leads the movement,
blossoming visualization meditation

Day 1 ♥ Changing Perspective

Achieving overview, see the familiar in a different way: release blockages, accept or overcome fears
*turn the world upside down*

Conscious Awareness in
Spine, abdomen, shoulders & head, brain, pineal gland

Shishumarasana (dolphin), inversion postures,
Trataka (concentrated contemplation) & eye exercises



« Eye Chakra »




« Throat Chakra »


Day 6 Communicate to Move into Peace

Mindfulness, accept and perceive communication within and outside of yourself

Conscious Awareness in
Shoulders, neck, eyes, head, nervous system

Virabhadrasana (Warrior), Jalandhara Bandha,
Khechari Mudra & Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean breathin),
Meditation with the 5 elements

Day 5 Breathing Love

Lovingly heal old wounds, use vibrations to relax, close and open the chest area, accept and transform depression & worries

Conscious Awareness in
Heart, chest, spine

Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Meditation),
backbends, Tandava



« Heart Chakra »




« Solar Plexus Chakra »


Day 4 Activating your Power

Release emotions, activate inner strength, heat up abdominal muscles & activate inner fire, stimulate digestion & strengthen immune system

Conscious Awareness in

Bhastrika Pranayama (Fire Breathing),
Agnisar Kriya & Uddiyana Bandha (contraction of the abdomen),
Lion Breathing

Day 3 ♥ Opening up to Creativity & Freedom

Experience playful freedom, solve old patterns and allow new ones, activate courage, charm and self-confidence

Conscious Awareness in
Lower abdomen, hips 

same asana flow with different intensions,
Lion’s Breath, Utkata Konasana (Goddess),
Shaking Meditation



« Sacral Chakra »




« Root Chakra »


Day 2 ♥ Grounding into safety

Feeling stability, grounding, perceiving and strengthening your base, experiencing balance

Conscious Awareness in
Lower body: feet, legs, pelvic floor & lower back

Tadasana (Mountain), Ardha Candrasana (Half Moon Pose),
Walking Meditation

« If you listen to your body when it whispers,
you don’t need to hear it scream. »

unknown author

Sneak Views

Meditation ♥ Sneak minutes

Yoga ♥ Sneak minutes

My heart’s desire …

is that this work of love
will inspire & support you


♥ To be completely in the rhythm of your heart 😉


♥ Resting full of trust & self-confidence in yourself


♥ Softly vibrating to raise your frequency


♥ Being gently & lovingly in your flow


♥ Feel the connection to your inner wisdom and intuition, use the intelligence of your heart


♥ Feeling intense life force & joy, embracing life


♥ To be passionate of devotion in the now


♥ Opening your heart with gentleness & being able to speak confidently about your feelings


♥ To feel harmony, well-being in your body and surroundings


♥ Experience inner freedom & creativity


♥ Living your heart’s desires, enjoying every moment full of ecstasy and love. Being in connection with your Higher Self & deep connectedness in the heart.

« Just when the caterpillar
thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly. »

unknown author

Choose your favorite chakra activation

Yoga experiences
are more than welcome.
This course is made for you if you are already deeper connected with your body.
For bloody sweet newbies it might be a jump into icecold waters.
You will be lovingly guided through each Meditation & Yogaasana.

Awaken your full Potential
Meditation ♥ Part

7 days with daily video
Meditation ca.12-35min/per day
Free time management
according to your needs you can integrate
the videos into your unique rhythm

  • Awaken your full Potential ♥ Meditation

    55 €
Awaken your full Potential
♥ complete course ♥
* Favorite booking *

7 days with daily 2x videos
Yoga ca.30-55min/per day
& Meditation ca.12-22min/per day
Free time management
according to your needs you can integrate
the videos into your unique rhythm

  • Awaken your full Potential

    111 €
Awaken your full Potential
Yoga ♥ Part

7 days with daily video
Yoga ca.30-55min/per day
Free time management
according to your needs you can integrate
the videos into your unique rhythm

  • Awaken your full Potential ♥ Yoga

    77 €

You really wanna do this course, but your financial circumstances are very limited?
Please feel free to contact me directly for a creative solution.

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