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Practice Self-love:
« From Imbalance To Harmony »

Dive into the sweetness of your heart: A unique 25-day audio course for self-love. Feeling disconnected, unloved, anxious, or overwhelmed by everyday situations? Learn how to embrace life’s challenges in a gentle, harmonious way. Use failures and unhealthy relationships as teachers, transforming them with love and patience. The kindness of a loving heart is pure magic.

Experience guided meditations, observation, breathing exercises, visualizations, along with journaling and mirror work. How much loving self-respect, kindness, and care do you give yourself to transition from dark moments to nurturing energy?

Learn to listen to your feelings, follow your natural heart rhythm, and meet yourself with vulnerability and openness. Feel the liberating sensation of expressing your truth and being naturally confident and courageous.

Dive deep into your natural essence, listen to the language of your heart, and infuse reality with the magic of love. It’s playful, and we’ll have a lot of fun!

Presented and voiced by Salina with music by Cy & the Salamander Collective.

Made 2022 in Bali

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The world of your dreams
« 9 days – how to remember your dreams »

sorry, ONLY in german available at the moment

« Choosing to love
& expanding together,
this is the real
magic of life »


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