The Mystic Odyssey

♥-welcome to your spiritually grounding journey
through the 12 sacred holy nights
a free online course on YouTube

Dive into the mystical time of the holy nights –
12 sacred nights between the solar and lunar calendars.

Strengthen your spirituality, enhance your intuition, and open yourself to new visions through meditations, rituals, and self-love practices.


Join me during the transition from December to January!
Powerful rituals for annual repetition.

whole course playlist on youtube

Immerse yourself in the mystical holy nights –
12 nights between the solar and lunar calendars.
A time filled with dreams, myths, fairy tales, legends and nature spirits.
Let go of the old and open yourself up to new visions. The rough nights promote your clairvoyance and strengthen your spirituality and relationships.
Mystical and transformative – with meditations, self-love massage, dance, journaling, incense, oracle cards and more.
Connect with yourself in these 12 holy nights through connecting with a month for the coming year each night. Give yourself peace and time as an act of self-love to strengthen your inner center.
Traditional rituals and ceremonies will accompany your transformation. May these ceremonies light up your darkest moments and connect you within. Start with the 13 wishes & 13 beliefs / fears ritual, a home smudging ceremony and setting intentions for the coming year – reflect, let go, manifest positivity.
Discover the magic of the rough nights and
start the new year with confidence.


13 meaningful consecutive videos
as each holy night represents a month in the coming year

1 opening video
with an introduction & explanation about the holy nights
+ 3 rituals as preparation

♥ 12 holy night videos
each with 7 identical rituals + 1 new unique meditation/ceremony

Free time management
My tip: Dedicate 15-30 minutes daily for the 12 holy nights.
Additionally, they will magically accompany you through
your dreams and days during this period.

♥ Whether you’re an experienced mystic, wizard, witch queen, or newcomer,
you are warmly welcomed here!
Dive in for a deeper experience or venture into new waters.
Salina’s loving guidance will accompany you
through each meditation and ceremony.

This course is free

If you’d like to support me financially, I’d greatly appreciate it:
Thank You 🪬

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