Salina’s kind and intuitively approach has led her to be a creative facilitator
for blissful empowerment, a passionate cacao alchemist and a intimate dancer.

She is a certified meditation- and yoga instructor, akashic reader, and a successful community creator with the bachelor of arts in design & communication. She supports people worldwide to connect within; helping them to dissolve internal conflicts and experience natural wholeness.
She combines her multiple talents with her feminine sensitivity and clear intuition. She skillfully blends her personal experiences with leadership to guide you through a deep and beautiful process of transformation to love.
Her sessions are a gift of pure presence that intimately touches
& enlivens all dances of life.


« Happiness, ease and bliss starts between your thoughts,
when you stop thinking and you can just be. »


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Why Holiday for the Heart?

“Holiday for the Heart” embodies the secret of extended exhalation,
stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing deep relaxation for the heart, abdominal organs, and the entire body. It’s a holiday for the heart.

I yearn to share this connected bliss and the feeling of oneness with you.
Our hearts are the radiant diamonds of our souls, pulsating in the rhythm of our being as the strongest energetic force that directly connects us with our loved ones.
They are cosmic keys that unlock the mystery of the universe.


Traces of Life

Salina’s Biography

Salina was born and raised in a loving and protected environment in Germany,
which nurtured her natural essence and creativity from an early age. She decided to study art and design in order to bring her longing for freedom out into the world.

In doing so, she freed herself as much as possible from the structures of the systems and came into connection with her body, her self-expression and inner freedom.

“Creativity flows into every part of my life.”




Her magic

Salina’s talent is to combine all the tools available to her in the moment
to create an authentically beautiful & meaningful expression of creativity.
The alchemy of a sensitive soul.
She creates professional designs, vibrant art such as dream catchers, murals and creates new oases. Together with friends, she has founded a cultural center for health and communication in Germany: “Kultur im Hinterhof “– Culture in the backyard.




“I love bringing new projects to life in the strength of community.”

Here she was the manager for marketing, finances and the team and was also active as a course instructor. She has taught meditation and yoga for children, young people and adults in group classes as well as personal training. She takes great pleasure in blossoming with each student to achieve individual growth, whether with or without support needs.




“When I listen to the universe, a beautiful dance emerges.”

With Corona, the cultural center was closed and in Bali, Indonesia, she fulfilled her deepest dream of living in community & warmth.
On the island of the goddesses and gods, Salina found her way into deeper healing work. Her energy work combined with oracle cards and sensual dance as well as deep emotional trauma work with partswork and inner child healing inspires and transforms those who are in contact with her.
Her passion for stimulating senses and desires has taken her love of chocolate to new levels and in the combination with blue lotus she has become a true alchemist.
Over the years she has enriched the magic and power of women’s groups,
as they are an essential part of her.
In her everyday life she loves to connect with nature and especially with
the elixir of life, water.
Salina is passionate about dancing and embodies not only her exquisite way of flowing but also the connection to the great spirit. With her dance and moving lightness, she enriches the community and every relationship.




For me, everything is vibration.
When you are in harmony with yourself, life brings you to the perfect place at exactly the right time. Just as music can soothe or invigorate you, I feel that life is full of beautiful melodies. As if it is the connection between matter & energy, the visible & invisible. The beauty is that you can strengthen it like a muscle. Whether it’s the alchemy of my chocolates, the treatment session or my dance, the cosmic flow of the universe full of love flows through me.”

« Have courage and be kind.
For where there is kindness there is goodness,
and where there is goodness there is magic. »




· Akashic Records (mit Featherly in Bali)
· Alignment & Therapeutic Yoga (Luna Alignment Yoga in Thailand)
· Thai Massage (EYO Thai Massage – Healing in Thailand)
· Kids Yoga (Sibylle Schöppel in Austria)
· Tantra Yoga (Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal)
· Bachelor of Arts – Communication Design (Trier & Wiesbaden, Germany)
· Graphic Design (Heilbronn, Germany)

Salina’s passions

· Relationships & Connections
(Combining, understanding, and experimenting
with how everything is interconnected)
· Energy & Healing Work
· Emotional Trauma Work, somatic as well as systemic
· Parts Work (Fragmentation Work)
· Sensuality, Sexuality, Intimacy & Femininity
· Rituals & Ceremonies
· Plant Alchemy
· Water
· Movement & Dance

« Explore the beauty of being you
& share it with the world. »


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