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♥-welcome to my 21 days free online course on youtube
and your journey into the beauty of your heart

Immerse yourself on a 21-day journey to harmony of body, mind, and heart.
In this unique online course, you can expect daily happiness rituals, breathing exercises, and self-love practices to shake off old patterns and fully enjoy the moment. Experience the transformative power of meditation, mindset, and movement to strengthen your inner balance and confidently communicate your desires and feelings.
Are you ready to open your heart to the wonders of love?
Start now!

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Your feelings are like a volcanic eruption,
uncontrollable they pull you into their depths?


Do you want to understand the connections between your body, head, heart & soul?
but don’t know where to start?


Do you wish you could talk confidently and courageously
about your feelings?


Do you long to experience the natural intelligence of your heart and fully enjoy the love of your inner & outer world?


Yes? Beautiful, then you are at the right place. Welcome my .

It is my heart’s mission to give you all the tools for inspire you. Free yourself from useless behavior patterns, the suffering and all the invisible wounds, it’s time to accept them.
To look, to feel lovingly and to arrive full of awareness in your body, to activate your energy and the intuitive power of your heart.


In this online course I connect the bridge between Western & Eastern knowledge, structure meets loving lightness and combines body, head & heart. To give you a well-rounded, holistic and heart-centered education. With meditations, breathing techniques and conscious movements.


It’s time
to tap into your natural intelligence of the heart,

the source of your being or simply the light within you.


« It is only with the heart that one can see rightly
what is essential is invisible to the eye. »

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

You risk a transformation

Dissolve the spiral of suffering by consciously piloting it in a new direction.

Recognize and transform hurtful experiences into love and compassion.

  Become your best friend by practicing self-love and gratitude, freeing your heart from old pain.

Increase sensitivity and awareness, choosing inner freedom, lightness, and bliss.

« Everyone sees the unseen
in proportion
to the clarity
of his heart


Course Overview + Benefits

3 weeks with 1 main topic per week – body, head & heart
the topics building up on each other

24 unique video exercises

♥ 1 free day per week

3 miracle exercises

2 special bonus videos

Free time management
My tip: Commit to 15-30min daily for 21 days
That’s the magic number to build lasting habits

♥ Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, Awaken Hearts welcomes you! Dive in for a deeper experience or take the plunge into new waters. Salina’s loving guidance will support you through each meditation.

Week 1 « Body » ♥ show more
Anchor points of the 1st week


♥ Setting intensions / goals
Happy Rituals
♥ Shaking (moving Meditation to let go)
Feeling (Meditation for more sensitivity & frequency increase)
Arrive within (Breath awareness)
Bodylanguage + Power*Pose
Bodyscan + Magical Waterfall (flow into completeness)
Sweet Massages (face, hands & feet)
Activated Belly (lying-flying Butterfly)
Power of Listening

Week 1 ♥ Body

Possible benefits of the 1st week


♥ Daily happy rituals for stability and anchor points for satisfaction
♥ Feeling your body as a good foundation to trust & build on
♥ Calm body and blossoming consciousness
♥ Sensing your senses, being soft and sensitive
♥ Appreciating your body, accepting and understanding yourself
♥ Feel grounded and centered in your body & anchored in the now
♥ Use the power of your breath, be healthy

Being proud of yourself after the 1st week?


You have a goal in mind and know how to reach your dreams breath by breath. You feel safe to grow emotionally and allow inner strength.
You have created your daily HAPPYRITUALS and know how to activate your “holiday feelings”, you attract blissful moments more and more every day.
♥ You have sharpened your body awareness and know how to heighten your senses
and consciously use your breath to experience your mind clear and body healthy.
♥ You give 100% and even more to yourself.

Week 2 « Head » ♥ show more
Anchor points of the 2nd week


Ocean of Thoughts (Brain scan)
♥ Lion breathing, Belly breathing & Breathing of Freedom
♥ Transformation Process
♥ Turning point (Breath enlivening silence & the space in between)
♥ Mantra-Affirmation (Magnetic affirmations)
♥ Life Connections – Colours, feelings, thoughts, life networks
♥ Dreamrealizer
♥ Breathing peace

Week 2 ♥ Head

Possible benefits of the 2nd week


♥ Knowing how to move from negative thoughts to positive light sensations
♥ Using your breath consciously & wisely
♥ Detaching from old patterns and open yourself to the new
♥ Increasing your energy with your own magnetic affirmations
♥ Increasing mindfulness & sensitivity to attract more joy
♥ Understanding the connections between body, mind & heart
♥ Feel confident and peaceful within, balanced
♥ Bliss and love – you attract more and more and open yourself to receive all the beauties of life

Being proud of yourself after the 2nd week?


♥ You know how to turn negativity into bliss & integrate your confidence and peace into daily situations.
♥ You’ve created your own affirmations
so you can use them whenever you need a boost of strength, more well-being or confidence.
♥ You understand the mind-body-heart connection
and you know how to mix your unique crystal clear recipe to successfully attract beauty and love into your life. You allow inner peace and tranquility to blossom within you.

Week 3 « Heart » ♥ show more
Anchor points of the 3rd week


♥ Heartscan with anchor point (source of power in you)
SelfLove (embrace feelings)
AbunDANCE: Attracting Money, Free Movement &  Tandava
Give & Receive (Sweet Karma)
♥ Power of Thank You
Heartspace Meditation
♥ Blissbreath (breathing love)
♥ Share your Happiness

Week 3 ♥ Heart

Possible benefits of the 3rd week


♥ Connection to yourself – allowing & feeling self-love
♥ When you feel lost you can now set anchor on the island of well-being
♥ Trust in your own rhythm – intelligence of your heart
♥ Accepting inner wounds (suffering) when you are ready and understand their healing power
♥ Transforming your weaknesses into strengths / vulnerability into love
♥ Knowing the secrets of giving without expectations
♥ Conscious self-esteem, making time for yourself
♥ Letting go of your inner “control freak” and being a master of surrender
♥ Feeling emotions even before the “volcano explosion” and deciding how you want to express yourself
♥ Full of gentleness you can express your inner universe, you are able to share your feelings with the outside world
♥ You know movements, meditations, and breathing techniques to use when you need them

Being proud of yourself after the 3rd week?


♥ You know all the techniques and tricks to make you feel good. You have a mindful sense of knowing what you can integrate into your everyday life to playfully remain the queen/king in overwhelming situations.
♥ You know how to stay centered in yourself
, so you can stay true to yourself and talk about your vulnerabilities with confidence.
♥ You are self-love
and able to visualize, attract and live your heart’s deepest dreams. Full of confidence, you blossom more and more confidently into your inner power, you have emotional strength.
♥ You have everything you need within you,
so you know how to continue after the course to invite more health, ease and peace every day.
You see all the beauties and moments of happiness accompany you.

« You will never be able to escape from your heart.
So it’s better to listen to what it has to say. »

Paul Coelho in The Alchemist

Awaken Hearts

21 Days Online Transformation Course
« Meditation ♥ Mindset ♥ Movement »

Whole course playlist on youtube.

This course is free

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