Initiation through intimacy

personal 1 on 1 sessions

Nourish Your Soul and Embrace Authentic Connection

Experience a journey from separation into wholeness
with Salina’s personalized emotional trauma healing sessions.
Unlock true intimacy by connecting deeply
with your authentic self in a safe environment.
Dissolve internal conflicts and limitations, acknowledge denied memories
and separated aspects of yourself to cultivate genuine closeness
and a natural sense of wholeness.

Salina will guide you with her pure presence through a unique experience:
The Embrace Process.
It is a holistic journey including systemic shadow and somatic parts work, embodied movement, intuitive touch, Akashic divination with oracle cards, vocalizing and meditative practices.
It combines psychological, physical, and spiritual elements
for personal growth and a deeper understanding.

How does this look like?
Begin by setting an intention for your higher alignment.
Then, connecting with the subtle layers of your being through movement
and breath. Immersing yourself in the Embrace Process
to acknowledge fragmented aspects, release unconscious barriers,
and integrate your natural transmutation.

Through embracing painful aspects in a safe space,
you have the opportunity to experience your true nature
and step into a loving and empowered self.
With this transformative process,
unlock true authenticity and enrich your relationships.

 Session exchange

1 Session
222€ / $244 / 3.9mil IDR for 1,5-2h

follow up Sessions
1x for 111€ / $122 / 1.9mil IDR for 3/4-1h within 1 month
3x for 333€ / $366 / 5.7mil IDR for each 3/4-1h within 3 months

First time sessions are only in person available,
follow up sessions are via Whatsapp Videocall.
(no recordings from my side)

via Whatsapp or Telegram


message me now +4917657664009

Once booked

Once you book your session, the energies are already working for you.
Connect within and be open to what will come.

Through the session
Each session is very individual and you will be lovingly
guided and supported through the whole process.

is as important as the process itself.
I encourage you to have space after your session, to simply be.
Expression through your body like dance or movement,
meditation or journaling can be very supportive.
Do what feels best for you in this moment.
Drink a lot of clear water and allow the new integrations
and insights to transform your life in the coming time.

Invest into the follow up sessions for more aftercare.




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